Thank you for coming.
I’m MiNORU OBARA the one of a member of “Our Happy Earth”.

On Feb 4, 2022 -the New Year’s Day of Twenty-Four Solar Terms-, we three have started “Our Happy Earth”.
Some pepole helped us to start.
The very stylish movie on the top is the artwork of Kenji Matsuda and Takuya Takeuchi.
And the one who introduced them to us is Karin Noda.
Karin also pulled my credo out with interviweing me.
Ko Yamamoto who is our member built this web site.
The one who suggesuts us many good ideas is Masayuki Ikuhara. He is also one of a member of us.
I have lots of gratitudes for them.

They gathered them good works to build great one.
Here were actually thier affections.

“Our Happy Earth” is that like this.

To have a common ground, we mentioned SDGs formally.
But our real credo is “affection”.
We think that all topics like Environment issues, povertise, partnerships, gender equality and so on mean to need our affections for our neighbors or someone we love.

Would you like to make here the place lots of affections would gather?

We introduce you our partners here.