Feb 22 ,2022 (tue) 19:30~ 『Our Happy Earth』GRAND OPEN Meet UP at Zoom

Feb 22 ,2022 (tue) 19:30jst~
『Our Happy Earth』GRAND OPEN Meet UP at Zoom

We talk a meeting up at zoom for grand opening of “Our Happy Earth”!
What is “Our Earth”? Those who are looking for a place to play an active part, those who have a kind heart,
Please join us. You all are welcome.

□Date & Time□
Feb 22 ,2022 (tue) open=19:20jst start=19:30jst~

The opening members of us, and you

With the grand opening of “Our Happy Earth”, we will explain about “Our Happy Earth”, QA, and have a social gathering with everyone.
We will talk about why “Our Happy Earth” was born and why.
And with everyone who join, Let’s talk about “What is kindness to you?”.
It’s OK to just listen to it! Please feel free to join us!

□Entry Fee□
Membership・・・ ¥ 0
Free Guests・・・¥ 0 (sign up)

*We will get back the detaiuls of this event you when you appy to join.